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Rural Development

Rural Development


As per the census 2011, 68.84% of India’s population lives in villages. In the past few decades, we have seen that both public and private players are coming forward with robust policies and support infrastructure to  alleviate  the prevailing issues in the rural communities.  End Poverty, too, has undertaken several activities this year to facilitate growth of Tijara, an under- developed pocket of Rajasthan. End Poverty aims to solve day-to-day difficulties faced by the rural communities through End Poverty’s program interventions as well as help them reach relevant government officials.

Under this program, End Poverty has formed ‘Village  Development  Group’   (VDG)   to   act   as a catalysts and facilitators in supporting rural development, accessing government schemes, making relevant applications based on the needs of their village and following through the different levels of government departments till the request is fulfilled. End Poverty participates in their meetings, provides hand holding to the groups  and supports in preparation and processing of documents, decisions and actions.

Going forward End Poverty’s strategy is to converge its efforts to create an impact in its areas of operation, and continue to provide benefits and services to the community through various means and support systems. End Poverty’s holistic models allow us to add multidimensional approaches to empower the communities through means  of  providing  access  to basic amenities, livelihoods, training and other peripheral services

Program started in 2010 in Alwar, Rajasthan covering 8911  beneficiaries from 100 villages till date .

Key highlights of 2019-2020

1.277 Jan Aadhar cards registered

2.147 new bank accounts opened

3.45 hand pumps installed

4.160 families in 19 villages provided with Solar LED light panels

5.42 pension accounts opened for old & widows

6.Provided Ujwala gas scheme to 270 beneficiaries This year, we successfully have facilitated the building of internal roads in the Tijara Block with a total length of 7.8 kms in 10 villages.

Major offerings

1.Form a small group of representatives in a village

2.Address day-to-day difficulties of the village community

3.Support villagers in getting their entitlements

4.Resolve problems through End Poverty’s program interventions or help them reach out to government officials

5.Look out for sponsorships, scholarships and donations for the beneficiaries