Rural Development

Rural Development


EP is engaged in need based rural development activities in its operational area. To institutionalize the village development, EP has developed Village Development Groups (VDG) which are formed, nurtured and supported by EP. EP provides hand holding to these groups, participate in their meetings and support in documentation of processes, decisions and actions and noting down minutes of the meetings, prepare resolution for onward submission to concerned Departments. 20 Villages from 11 Panchayats engaged in developmental activities during 2017-18.

Of the 223 members, 34 are women and 189 members are men. The program directly benefitted more than 5738 people through this program till 2017-2018. EP plays the role of a catalyst through VDGs and worked directly with 2371 beneficiaries through End Poverty’s programs enthusiastically. Of the 20 village VDGs, 15 villages participated in KSP, 17 in the PTFL, 11 in the NCDEX agriculture risk management training, 8 in the SHG formations,5 in the ACC program and all 20 in the Dairy Development Program. Government Departments completed infrastructure related work for a 200 meter stretch of road and approved set-up of 2 Animal Primary Health Centres in these 20 villages. EP also supported the linkage of 3367 villagers in the following: Aadhaar (970), Bhamasha (530), Rashan Card (719), opening of Bank Accounts (655), Pension (111) and Ujwala gas installations (382).