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Civil Society Development Program

Civil Society Development Program

Civil society development and nurturing n/Core Program

The concept of civil society organization (CSO) has been deeply embedded in Indian culture for a long time and an important aspect in their rise is the proliferation of voluntary and non-governmental organizations. Our history provides ample evidence of the major role played by CSO’s in shaping our society and how they contributed to the wellbeing of all during the hard and unprecedented times. In the recent past the role and the structure of CSOs has evolved but many of them still struggle due to following issues:

  • 1.Lack of structured agenda
  • 2.Lack of funding support
  • 3.Lack of recognition


This is where End Poverty’s NCORE program comes in the picture. N/Core is a new initiative by End Poverty which acts as an incubator for early-stage non-profits, working on problems related to poverty. N/Core mentors work closely with entrepreneurs to accelerate their start-up journey and help them to achieve strategic clarity and scalable models for social change.

Key highlights

1.graduated n/3 cohort: Graduated N/3 cohorts in December 2019 and also held Soiree at a new location in Mumbai for the cohort with 50+ relevant attendees.

2.Launched Research Innovation Grant

3.Launchpad 2: The design of support for Launchpad 2.0 was improved for entrepreneurs from Idea stage: a) Inducement challenges - design sprints and hackathons to build pipeline b) Up to 25L continuum of meaningful support to early idolators incubation

Program started in 2015 in Bangalore covering 50+ CSO’s

Major Offerings

1.An incubator, an accelerator and an inducement prize platform.

2.Build an ecosystem that supports talents in early stages of social entrepreneurship

3.Work closely with entrepreneurs to achieve strategic clarity and scalable models for change.

4.Provide access to funding sources and mentorship for non-profit start ups