Women and Child development


Why focus on Nand Ghars ?

Nand Ghars are a transformative leap dedicated to benefit rural children and women in India. A measure undertaken by Vedanta under the Anil Agarwal Foundation Initiative in partnership with End Poverty, together with the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MoWCD), the project aims to ensure that rural India is not left behind in India’s march towards progress. The case for state-of-the-art Anganwadis in the form of Nand Ghars all over India has not merely arrived- it is imperative.

Nand Ghars is committed to the Prime Minister’s national vision of eradicating child malnutrition, providing education, healthcare and empowering women with skill development. In order to make the model integrated, Nand Ghars are ensuring that women undergo entrepreneurship training, including skill enhancement to start their own micro enterprise with extensive skill training and credit linkages, thereby increasing their contribution towards the Indian economy. Nand Ghars, thus, have an excellent opportunity to transform the lives of over millions of women and children in coming years.


Rural Development Programme

End Poverty has been implementing Integrated Rural Development models aimed at overall infrastructural development of the village as well as income enhancement for the beneficiaries


Sustainable Agriculture

End Poverty has been supporting small and marginal farmers with quality inputs, implements, trainings, and market access across our impact areas with an aim to increase their income


Dairy Development

End Poverty's dairy development plan aims to increase animal productivity by promoting modern methods of dairy farming and pertinent use of technological advancements.


Girls' Education

End Poverty realizes the importance of Girls' Education and has designed a programme specifically catering to the out of school girls