Girls Education

Girls Education

Kishori Shiksha Program (KSP)

Right to education is a fundamental right of all citizens under the 86th amendment of the Indian constitution, yet women’s literacy in one of our operational area continues to fall far behind males. The most significant difference is in the literacy rates of males and females in the rural areas of Tijara – where 36.13 fewer women are sent to school compared to the men. The gender gap recorded between male and female  literacy  rate in the Tijara Block is 27.07% where in Tijara, literacy among rural males is 75.01%, while that of rural females is 38.88%. This reflects the way men and women lead their lives. End Poverty addresses this issue with one of its flagship programmes - Kishori Shiksha Programme. End Poverty started the Kishori Shiksha Program with an aim of providing education to adolescent girls. KSP is an intensive 1-year catch up education programme for out-of-school teenage girls to bring them back on track.

End Poverty selects female teachers from the local community and trains them in record keeping and course delivery, teaching methodology etc. Teaching-Learning- Materials are provided to all  teachers  and  students. As other villages are demanding this programme, we know that our model is scalable and replicable for the Meo Muslim community spread across Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Several girls  who  complete the program want to move on to higher education or further training.

Key highlights of 2019-20

  1. Training of local women as literacy teachers to provide quality learning
  2. 360-degree training to make the girls literate and be able to calculate thus access information and be expressive and communicative
  3. 304 new students enrolled in the year
  4. 126 adolescent girls completed literate classes

Major offerings

  1. Education catch up programme in which we provide literacy, numeracy, reading, and expressive skills
  2. Vocational, health, environment and awareness training to girls.


12 Mar, 2019

Literacy certificates distribution


Literacy certificates distribution to the KSP students