Girls Education

Girls Education

Kishori Shiksha Program (KSP)

END POVERTY'S   Kishori Shiksha Program (KSP) for adolescent girls aims at making literate in a sustainable way  the adolescent girls who will soon be married and forever loose the chance of becoming literate.

KSP provides literacy, numeracy, reading and expressive skills along with vocational, health, environment and awareness training to girls.KSP is being implemented in Tijara block of Alwar disctrict of Rajasthan

KSP is a 12 months, in-house designed holistic literacy program for adolescent girls who have not been educated in regular schools which adolescent  girls  attend for 3 hours a day, 6 days a week taking account of festivals and harvesting requirements.

The KSP programme is  run in  village or hamlets based centres, for 25-30 girls each, using locally recruited women with a minimum of Grade 10 education as teachers.  Training and support is provided to these teachers for the duration including induction training, adolescent psychology, teaching methods, evaluating students etc. Teachers are trained to use creative teaching methods that makes learning fun and be linked to local cultural conditions.

The aim of KSP is to make each girl confident, have an enhanced self esteem be able to express herself by having the ability to read & write. The literacy imparted and acquisition of literacy, numeracy and basic education provides them a better understanding of life , makes resources accessible, making them better prepared to take care of themselves & others. 

Achievements and future plans :

EP has provided literacy to 2250 out of school adolescent girls who are at risk of never again get chance to study  and plans to eduacte 5000 adolescent girls  next 3 years.

SUCCESS  STORY  of Muskan, KSP student ::

Muskan is 13 years old.   She was a member of the Rahima ki Dhani KSP programme in Bibipur and was taught by Manshira.  In January 2016 her cumulative score for all final tests on the KSP programme was 81.6%.  She stood 51st out of 148 students.  In Hindi she scored 75.2% and ranked 96th, and in Maths she scored 88% and ranked 28th.  She will now receive a formal certificate of recognition signed by the Director of the Alwar District Education Office.   Before she joined the programme she was completely illiterate so this is a notable achievement roughly equivalent to Level 3 in primary school.   Her teacher has reported that when Muskan completed the course she was so inspired that she was keen to enrol in the formal school system.  Manshira is very keen for this to happen and has said she will do all she can to help Muskan to register in school.  


12 Mar, 2019

Literacy certificates distribution


Literacy certificates distribution to the KSP students

04 Aug, 2018

Women Leadership Education Program launched by End Poverty


We are going to launch a new education program for women empowerment and girls education in Alwar