President's Message

Mr Vinod Kaushik
Mr. Vinod Kaushik President

The year 2019-20 was special for End Poverty as we clocked ten years of our journey. During this period End Poverty has positively impacted the life of over 28000 people striving for change. We celebrated our journey with community members, partners, donors, and other stakeholders and resolved to continue our journey with more vigour and energy.

On the other hand, we are facing one of the most difficult challenges of our life time, the Covid 19 has impacted our life in so many ways and caused irreparable damage to the livelihood of the rural poor. This challenge will take many years to overcome and we are not sure what will be the new normal and when we will see the light at the end of this tunnel. End Poverty has taken up several initiatives such as mask manufacturing, providing job work to women, helping frontline health workers, supported food distribution to the migrant worker, but our efforts are not enough. Much needs to be done before life stabilizes into a new normal.

Slowly our focus is shifting more on helping the farmers as the majority of them are small and marginal farmers and that piece of land they own is not sufficient to meet their family requirement unless they change their ways

The work of civil society organisations has increased manifolds in the recent times and they are always the first to act whenever there is an emergency situation. Civil society organisations are under stress world over, at not being able to access sufficient funds and not be able to sustain their work. In India alone hundreds of thousands of NGO have closed down in the last few years. In these trying time, End Poverty has enhanced its efforts to help people to sustain / develop their livelihood with focus on agriculture and dairy farming.

To achieve higher income for farmers including dairy farmers End Poverty is working on farm productivity enhancement, value chain development and pooling of farmers produce for better price realization. We have already reached over 13000 farmers in Haryana, Rajasthan, MP and UP. End Poverty’s youth employment program is providing them a 360º opportunity to prepare them for relevant and sustainable livelihoods. A holistic model that prepares them to use a complete set of solutions available in an urban landscape is being provided to them The inclusion and use of digital technology across all End Poverty’s work has surely been a game changer, however much more ground can be covered with digital literacy training and use of simple, customized tools and apps that capture data in real time, help map it, deliver ‘on the go’ analytics and provide beneficiaries speedy resolution of problems. At the end, it is a privilege and an absolute honour to serve as the President of End Poverty. I would like to thank all our partners, collaborators, donors and our own team for their valuable support in our mission to contribute towards poverty reduction in India. I must convey my humble gratitude to all of the persons who directly or indirectly made it possible for End Poverty to continue to deliver the small change that we aspire for.