President's Message

Mr Vinod Kaushik
Mr. Vinod Kaushik President

The year 2020-21 brought a new set of challenges for the non-profits around the world. COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting chaos has meant that the non-profits have had to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the world. Increased emphasis on reaching the last mile, while being in the middle of a worldwide lockdown has necessitated increased use of technology and innovation in tandem with the traditional development models.

End Poverty (EP) has, in continuation with our effort for the past 11 years, been committed to reaching out to the poorest sections of the society even during one of the worst phases of mankind. We have now touched over 30000 beneficiaries and have had a positive impact on their lives. We have strengthened our existing programmes in the areas of livelihood generation, and have focused on putting enormous effort in improving the life of the farmers in the country. Farmer development programmes, have been extended to new geographies this year, with a Dairy Management Project taking shape in Uttar Pradesh. Along with this Dairy Management Project, a Holistic Rural Development Project in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Haryana has been initiated to develop village clusters in each of these locations.

EP has also shifted the focus on reskilling and upskilling of our personnel to keep up with the ever changing and technology friendly world. We have initiated several training modules to keep our change makers and beneficiaries up to date with the latest developments in the field of technology. We have updated our MIS, which would ensure a fair and transparent monitoring of our projects. This will, in turn, help us design more effective programmes in the upcoming time, along with measuring accurate impact of the various ongoing interventions.

We have also added some valuable members to our team to tread us on this journey and take forward our goals in the upcoming decade. These new members, I am sure, will bring in fresh ideas to take us forward on our journey.

This year has also seen our old partners renew their faith and trust in our mission and values. Their unwavering support has served us as a tonic which has kept us motivated to excel above and beyond our expectations.

In the end, I would want to thank everyone associated with EP directly or indirectly, for their support, faith, and belief in what EP stands for. Wishing everyone good health and well-being.

Vinod Kaushik

President, End Poverty