President's Message

Mr Vinod Kaushik
Mr. Vinod Kaushik President

We are actively working with our valued stakeholders including individuals and institutions and continuously expanding our operational area to explore ways to address the challenge of creating sustainable livelihood.

Nowadays, many initiatives related to sustainable livelihood and youth employment are running in the country. There are many resources available for fundraising in the development sector like the partnership, stakeholder and CSR etc. EP follows certain values like Service beyond self, Transparency, Truthfulness, and Accountability. We deliver things on time for our beneficiaries, donors, and stakeholders.

There are many initiatives of Government of India which really very impact full for the people. These initiatives are viable for creating sustainable livelihood i.e. Adhar Card scheme, Financial inclusion, skilling program etc. Many people got the benefit for Government schemes.

There are around 60 crores people in India, who completely depend on agriculture for their livelihood and most of them are doing traditional farming so they are not getting the good income, so per capita income is low.

Dairy and allied agriculture are very profitable for the farmers, from 60 crores around 80% of farmers are marginal so allied activity is very important for them to increase their income, it can be supplementary income for farmers. We need to pool the farmers by the formation of Farmer Producer Company.

I am very grateful to the GEN Initiatives, U.K. whose continued support since the formation of EP has been a great source of inspiration. Our very sincere gratitude to Chair- Ms. Sue Burke and the team of GEN Initiatives. I would like to thank all our stakeholder, partner and funders like CISCO, Rockefeller, HDFC Pvt Ltd, KPMG etc.