President's Message

Mr Vinod Kaushik
Mr. Vinod Kaushik President

It gives me immense pride and joy to share the completion of 10 inspiring years of creating sustainable livelihoods for the poor and needy people of India. EP was started in 2009 with a purpose to contribute towards poverty reduction in India. At the onset, we knew it is an immense responsibility and not an easy task. EP team visited needy communities and met people who aspired for help and listened to them, understood their problems and researched and devised programs and solutions that were organic, scientific, strategic and sustainable. Early years were a huge learning and unlearning experience for EP team. During the ten years EP faced many problems and challenges, but the team remained undeterred, resolved challenges and converted the opportunities with the proactive support of our partners.

Today, in 2019, ten years later, we look back with a mix of pride and humility that EP has been able to change and impact many lives but realize that much more needs to be done. The journey has been truly humbling, overwhelming and a life-changing experience for all of us at EP. We are truly delighted to share these stories of change with you at

In these ten years, the success and growth of our main programs have been beyond our own projection and expectations. In addition to Rural Development, Girls Education, Plant a Tree for Life, Dairy Farming, Women Empowerment, and Civil Society Development we have started new programs such as Gurukul, Unnati in recent years to address the needs and aspirations of the urban youth. These programs have helped needy young students to get excellent employment opportunities and placements.

EP’s programs are completely focused on meeting targeted deliverables and results. EP regularly brainstorms, evaluates, re-evaluates and innovates to optimize the results. End Poverty works in the most credible, ethical, integral, accountable and transparent manner and shares every minute detail with its partners and stakeholders.

EP’s programs and goals are aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals and have international alliances and collaborations. The future looks bright and promising as we replicate our initial successes in more and more areas. We currently have a presence in Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, and Karnataka and hope to expand our area of operations and reach out to more beneficiaries.

Finally, I am proud of our team and all our partners. I thank all our partners and collaborators: individuals, institutions, corporate, government for their valuable support at all times. The vision of a poverty-free India is a shared one, and while EP has come a long way in 10 years, there is much to be done.