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  • Sabila (Student), Kishori Shiksha Program (KSP)

    Sabila (Student), Kishori Shiksha Program (KSP)

    Sabila is 13 year old and resides in Siroli Kalan in village Hamiraka. She attended the KSP center run by Rubia along with her younger sister Faranah. KSP (Kishori Shiksha Program) was a great opportunity. Not only I can read and write now, I can do calculation and also keep account of milk sold by my family.

  • Puran Singh - Village Development Group Member

    Puran Singh - Village Development Group Member

    The VDG in my hamlet Ramlal ki Dhani, in village Nibbahedi, was formed in 2010. We have successfully managed to overcome many of our village problems through our VDG since then. We had very few sources for drinking water in 2009 and EP team advised and helped us to prepare an application and submit it to the local MLA. Our application was accepted and very soon 3 hand pumps were installed in our hamlet. In 2011 our VDG members visited the Barefoot College Tilonia, Many of my villagers were illiterate and felt inspired by the Night School concept of Barefoot College. EP supported us in setting up a Night School I taught 25 adults and made them literate. Our link road measuring 800 meters was kaccha and undulated. Our VDG met the MLA and requested help and again we were successful. VDG also mobilized around 40 farmers and planted 800 fruit trees and facilitated the distribution of seeds to farmers. Ours is one of the oldest VDG and we have implemented most of the program introduced by EP. Not only do our VDG members trust EP, but the whole village trusts EP.

  • Sue Burke, Chairperson-GEN Initiative, UK

    Sue Burke, Chairperson-GEN Initiative, UK

    The organisation that I chair, the Grassroots Empowerment Initiative (GEN), has worked with End Poverty since EP was founded in 2009. Much of our experience has been based on partnership working around the full range of EPs work including the catch up education programme for unschooled adolescent girls, the income generation handicrafts project for women farmers, support for Village Development Groups and the work they do with farmers to promote improved dairy farming and the diversification of farm produce. GEN has full faith in what EP does and has done since 2009 and will be fully supportive of EP for the foreseeable future. EP is trusted by villagers in the Tijara Block and continues to flourish and expand. It has an excellent reputation in the Alwar District and it's help is often sought by district and state officials.

  • Mr. Haroon -Farmer

    Mr. Haroon -Farmer

    I am a farmer and own 5 bighas of land. I used to grow coarse cereal in my fields till I came in contact with End Poverty. At the time my average income was Rs 25,000 per bigha per annum. EP introduced me to horticulture farming. Now I grow fruits in one Bigha and earn almost double the normal crop. I also used cotton seeds provided by EP, which has increased my income by Rs 15,000 per bigha. I am convinced that on the same land I can now earn more.

  • Saroj (Sahayika), Ajeevika Craft Centre (ACC)

    Saroj (Sahayika), Ajeevika Craft Centre (ACC)

    We are a farmer family and hardly get adequate income from farming. Always looking for alternate sources of income but never came across any such activities. I was lucky to be selected as Sahayika for Shekhpur village. I decided to make good use of this opportunity and now we have a very active ACC with 10 women members. We feel very happy when we work together, it is a great feeling that not only because I earn extra for myself but I supervise and support the livelihood of 10 other women who are benefitted from ACC in our village. EP build my capacity through training and interaction and now I move freely, collect raw material, job work and delivered finished products to EP in their office. I feel confident and take pride in being EP's ACC Sahayika.

  • Rukmini - Gurukul Alumnus

    Rukmini - Gurukul Alumnus

    I am an alumnus of Gurukul, hail from Markhal village near Bidar, Karnataka. I completed my B.A. degree and started working at Jai Mataji Institute as a receptionist with a salary of Rs 6000 per month to support my parents who are both farmers. I was not satisfied with the work I was doing. Then one of my friends referred me to join Gurukul. I learned a lot of new concepts including numeracy to financial literacy. I got placed in HMS Host in Bangalore with Rs 11,200 per month. Recently I received a recognition certificate for my dedication towards work and performing to the best of my capabilities. I am very grateful to the trainers and the team at Gurukul for making me believe to never settle down unless you achieve what you wanted to.

  • Choti Devi -Dairy Farmer

    Choti Devi -Dairy Farmer

    I am a dairy farmer from Sandarsar village, Renwal, Jaipur and own 3 milch animals. I have been trained by EP's Shwetdhara team on dairy farming and also how to use cattle feed provided by EP which helped me to reduce the cost of feed by Rs. 30 per animal per day. I have experienced that milk production for my cow increased by 2.5 liters and even fat content increased by 1 point. First, I could not believe this and it completely changed the way we have been rearing animals for ages. I have also used ABS semen given by End Poverty and I was quite surprised to see the new calf which weighs 30 Kg. I have never had such a healthy calf in the past. I am truly amazed at the difference that EP's Shwetdhara is making towards my earnings in dairy

  • Ramchandra - Sustainable Agriculture Programme

    Ramchandra - Sustainable Agriculture Programme

    I am Ramchandra from Modhopur Village in Tijara (Alwar), Rajasthan. Under End Poverty's Sustainable Farming Programme, I planted Lady Finger, Apple Gourd (Tinda), Bottle Gourd, raddish, Beetroot, Spinach, and Fenugreek. Apart from this, I also planted the good quality Wheat provided by EP in 1.25 bigha land. I have been able to sell my horticulture produce at excellent prices, thereby making a net profit of Rs. 43,000. Wheat cultivation too, has been more than ever before, with close to 25 quintals of produce. The decision to plant these crops has been immensely beneficial for me. I thank End Poverty for their support and guidance throughout.

  • Mrs. Sumitra Mishra, iPartner India

    Mrs. Sumitra Mishra, iPartner India

    Sumitra is the Country Director of iPartner India that has been a friend and supporter of End Poverty since its inception in 2009. iPartner India is involved with End Poverty to provide programmatic and technical processes support and financial support for its projects and in reaching organizational development goals. Sumitra finds that the organization's work for girls education and women's livelihood is making an impactful change in a difficult geography.

  • Sarbati - SHG Member

    Sarbati - SHG Member

    I am Sarbati from Jojaka Village in Alwar, Rajasthan. I am a member of the Laxmi Self Help Group (SHG), which has been nurtured by the End Poverty organization through regular training and guidance on money saving and lending practices. Last year, I took a loan of Rs. 5,000 from the group and planted onions on half a bigha land. I could sell the produce for Rs. 48,000. After deducting all my expenses, I was able to generate a profit of more than Rs. 40,000. I have now repaid the loan through monthly installments. The timely loan that I could avail through the SHG proved vital for my income as I could generate almost 6 times the profit over my investment.

  • Urmila Patel - Gram Sakhi (Shwetdhara Project)

    Urmila Patel - Gram Sakhi (Shwetdhara Project)

    I have been associated as a Gram Sakhi with the End Poverty’s Shwetdhara project in the Sunwani Mahankal under PVK Kshipra (District Dewas, Madhya Pradesh). Before being introduced to EP, I was a housewife trying to make the ends meet in a family of 5. I was low on confidence and was faced with obstacles such as ghunghat system, patriarchal mindset, amongst others. It was a challenge for me to speak to strangers too. I am thankful to the ShwetDhara team for helping me out in these tough situations. I got training at the EP office, which would later help me boost my confidence when I started conducting trainings and meetings at the village level myself. I used the cattle feeds along with other animal inputs, suggested by the ShwetDhara doctors for my animals and after I got to see the amazing results, I have now started going door-to-door promoting these products in the village. As the quality of cattle feed bags has been excellent, my sales started growing gradually, and today I earn anywhere between at least Rs. 2000-2500 a month. I profoundly thank the End Poverty and the ShwetDhara team to help me out economically and increase my self-confidence and belief.