• Sabila (Student), Kishori Siksha Program (KSP)

    Sabila (Student), Kishori Siksha Program (KSP)

    Sabila is 13 year old and resides in Siroli Kalan in village Hamiraka. She attended the KSP center run by Rubia along with her younger sister Faranah. KSP was a great opportunity. Not only I can read and write now, I can do calculation and also keep account of milk sold by my family.

  • Sue Burke, Chairperson-GEN Initiative, UK

    Sue Burke, Chairperson-GEN Initiative, UK

    The organisation that I chair, the Grassroots Empowerment Initiative (GEN), has worked with End Poverty since EP was founded in 2009. Much of our experience has been based on partnership working around the full range of EPs work including the catch up education programme for unschooled adolescent girls, the income generation handicrafts project for women farmers, support for Village Development Groups and the work they do with farmers to promote improved dairy farming and the diversification of farm produce. GEN has full faith in what EP does and has done since 2009 and will be fully supportive of EP for the foreseeable future. EP is trusted by villagers in the Tijara Block and continues to flourish and expand. It has an excellent reputation in the Alwar District and it's help is often sought by district and state officials.

  • Mr. Unnas -Farmer

    Mr. Unnas -Farmer

    Unnas Khan is a farmer from Patan Khurd village of Tijara and has been associated with End Poverty since 2012 and have received lemon, guava and pomegranate trees from the organisation. Till this year my family and friends have enjoyed the fruits, but from now on I am expecting the harvest of fruits to be much larger. My family and I are looking forward to selling and earning from the horticulture produce.

  • Bimal (Sahayika), Ajeevika Craft Centre (ACC)

    Bimal (Sahayika), Ajeevika Craft Centre (ACC)

    I am ACC Sahayika of Village Jojaka since 2011. My engagement in ACC gives me immense pleasure as it has not only made me independent and it has also revived my confidence. Villagers respect me and have stopped being sceptical about my work. The extra money I earn through ACC has helped me in getting education for my children, fodder for my buffalo and fuel. The regular flow of income has reduced borrowing from money lender.

  • Mr Jafrudeen -Farmer

    Mr Jafrudeen -Farmer

    Jafrudeen is a farmer from Shakhan ki Dhani village of Tijara and has been associated with End Poverty since 2012. I am very happy with the horticulture program as it gives me more income. Since it needs less labor and expenditure, it helps me saves money. First time I sold fruits worth Rs. 10,000 in 2016 and in 2018, I sold horticulture produce worth Rs 73500. I sold fruits in Gailpur, Tijara and Tapukara market which are nearby and known to me. Recently, I bought a new Motorcycle from horticulture income which will improve my mobility to explore the new market for the better price of my produce. I am happy with the horticulture farming and want other to follow. I motivated 4 of my cousins to join the program and many other farmers come to my farm to learn about horticulture which makes me feel very happy. I want guidance and support to increase the shelf life of the fruits so as to sell the produce when getting a good price. I would also like to participate in EP farm nursery program and help in popularizing the horticulture farming in my area.

  • Mrs. Sumitra Mishra, iPartner India

    Mrs. Sumitra Mishra, iPartner India

    Sumitra is the Country Director of iPartner India that has been a friend and supporter of End Poverty since its inception in 2009. iPartner India is involved with End Poverty to provide programmatic and technical processes support and financial support for its projects and in reaching organizational development goals. Sumitra finds that the organization's work for girls education and women's livelihood is making an impactful change in a difficult geography.