Core Values

Core Values
  • Service beyond self: EP is founded to serve others. It will conduct its activities for the sake of others, whether the public at large or a particular segment of the society.
  • Transparency: EP is transparent in its dealings with the government, the public, donors, partners, beneficiaries, and other interested parties. Basic financial information, governance structure, activities, and a listing of officers and partnerships are open and accessible to public scrutiny and it will make effort to inform the public about its work and the origin and use of its resources. Except as needed to protect human rights or for personal matters and proprietary information.
  • Truthfulness: EP will be truthful in its dealings with its donors, project beneficiaries, staff, members, partner organizations, government, and the general public. Any information given out should be accurate, whether regarding itself and its projects, or regarding any individual, organization, project, or legislation.
  • Accountability: EP is accountable for its actions and decisions, primarily to the community it serves, and also to its funding agencies, the government, staff and volunteers, members, partner organizations, and the public at large.
  • Partnerships: EP works in partnership with concurring stakeholders to achieve its goal of alleviating poverty and supporting the empowerment of disadvantaged communities.